​​MSc in International Busines

Why Study International Business?
Are you thinking about working for an international organisation or multinational firm in Ireland or overseas? Perhaps you already do and would like to aquire tools and skills to move your career to the next level. This programme will give you an in-depth knowledge of international business and allow you to experience what it is like to work in a multinational organisation. Students in this programme develop the capacity for high-level analysis of firm internationalisation, international trade, investment, strategy and management, and gain an appreciation of the multinational firm, its environment and the activities of the international manager. You will gain exposure to different functional areas of the international business and experience real challenges first-hand. Our learning by doing approach provides you with an opportunity to engage in live case studies with a company, work with real client organisations, and even experience working as an international manager and working in global teams.
Why this programme?
This programme is for the business graduate who wants to pursue an international career and develop a global mindset to achieve international or global career success. It will give postgraduate students advanced knowledge of international business, by developing your academic knowledge, analytical and professional skills with the aim of preparing you for work in a variety of organisational settings. 
How will this help my career?
The MSc International Business will equip you with knowledge about business and management issues from a global perspective. You will leave with insights about how international and multinational firms actually operate and what to expect as a manager or employee in an international firm. Our program will give you the tools needed to make decisions for and within the organisation, understand global strategy and the internationalisation process and give you vital cross-border communication and negotiating skills. This course is for anyone seeking an international focus to their business studies, who wants a competitive international edge to their degree, is considering an internationally-focused career or is already working in an internationally-orientated organisation. This course is also relevant for those who seek advancement in the public, inter-governmental and not-for-profit sectors, and others who wish to extend their skills in the analysis and interpretation of the global business environment. The skills aquired in an international program of this nature in Ireland can also be flexibly applied in other cultures. 
What are my career options?
Manufacturing or service firms with international activities, export and trade agencies, government institutions, NGO's, international organisations, joint ventures, foreign subsidiaries, travel and tourism, consulting, research and more. 
What are the entry requirements?
You must hold a Business, Management or Marketing degree, or a Business related (level 8) degree, having achieved a minimum of a 2.2 honours (or equivalent) overall. Alternatively, you may hold a non-Business degree (minimum 2.2 overall) with at least five years' relevant work experience. Exceptionally, consideration will be given to candidates who do not hold a primary degree, but who do have at least 10 years' relevant work experience, at least three of which are in a management position. International applicants are expected to have the equivalent of an honours degree from an Irish university and meet English language requirements. 
Course Structure
This is an intensive and fast-paced programme over 12 months full-time or 24 months part-time, in which knowledge areas define the module foci and progression, and skill areas are overlaid across the programme. Modules are delivered over two semesters (September-May) with the Summer Semester options conducted between May and August. Classes take place in full-time mode (12 months, typically delivered in blocks of two full days every two weeks) or part-time mode (24 months, delivered two full days every 4 weeks). Students are encouraged to learn independently, through significant reading and assignments, both on their own and working in teams, prior to a class and afterwards.
Full-time (12 Months)   Typically delivered in blocks
of two full days every two weeks
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Part-time (24 Months) Delivered two full days every 4 weeks
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