The School of Business at Maynooth University aims to serve business & society through:

  • Providing challenging and engaging undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes which encourage students and participants to develop critical capabilities that will help shape the work places and practices of the future
  • To create new knowledge, products and services that underpin sustainable economic growth
  • To partner with practitioners and businesses, not only to ensure that our offerings are relevant, but also so they can develop new insights into ways of improving the performance of organizations and the people who work for them
  • To develop socially responsible managers and leaders and ethical businesses
  • To develop insights which can be shared with businesses, organizations, professionals and society.

We do this by:

  • Delivering top-quality degree programmes through a variety of innovative programmes, and sharing these approaches with other providers of higher education
  • Conducting research and publishing it in the most impactful journals in our respective fields
  • Public engagement with businesses and professionals in a variety of fora
  • Promoting the continual professional development of our staff.