Dr Malachy McCann of the Department of Chemistry was awarded the David Brown Prize from the Institute of Inorganic Chemists in Ireland in 2017. Dr McCann began working in the Department of Chemistry at MU in 1983 as a lecturer and then senior lecturer (1990) in Inorganic Chemistry. He completed a BSc in Chemistry at the University of Ulster in 1977 and a PhD at Queens University Belfast under the supervision of Professor S.M Nelson in 1980 on the Synthesis and Coordination Chemistry of Binucleating Macrocyclic Ligands.
The research focus of Dr McCann’s group was on the synthesis and structural characterisation of novel metal complexes and their use as catalysts for selected organic transformation.  In later years, his research focus shifted to the utilisation of metal complexes as drug candidates for inhibiting the growth of both mammalian and cancer tumours and pathogenic microorganisms. Dr McCann’s contributions to the  Department
over more than three decades are many and varied.

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