The Health and Wellbeing beacon is a multidisciplinary hub developing toolkits and technologies to enhance quality of life amongst individuals and communities. Our expert researchers investigate the underlying mechanisms, prevention, and treatment of disease, developing healthcare innovations, mental health promotion, and broader well-being. We collaborate with international academics, healthcare providers, and industry to explore unique aspects of human health at the molecular, cellular, and whole-body levels. Beyond biochemistry, we work to understand the complex social and environmental factors that influence health at a personal, community, and population level: developing strategies and interventions that positively impact people’s quality of life.
This Beacon focuses on the interplay between physical and mental health, social determinants, and environmental factors while developing a deep understanding of the fundamentals of health and disease. We address these complexities in a holistic manner to promote health and well-being for all.

Key areas within the Health and Wellbeing research beacon include: