Dr Chandana Mathur, Department of Anthropology

Maynooth University anthropologist, Dr Chandana Mathur, was presented with a Distinguished Service Award at the closing ceremony of the 18th World Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) in Florianopolis, Brazil.

The award was made in recognition of her contribution to the unification in November 2017 of the IUAES and the World Council of Anthropological Associations (WCAA) as two chambers of a single global organisation: the World Anthropological Union (WAU).
Referring to the Distinguished Service Award, Dr Mathur commented: “I had the exceptional privilege of serving as  WCAA Chair during the process of the unification of the IUAES and the WCAA, and I am very grateful for this acknowledgement of my efforts to facilitate this historic outcome for the sake of  our discipline.” 

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