Padlet is an online noticeboard tool that enables you to create and share online boards to support virtual brainstorming, curation of resources, and collaboration.  The URL for the Maynooth University Padlet Backpack is . You will need your Microsoft 360 credentials to log in.

Padlet enables you to add posts including text, images, links, audio and video. You can share Padlets with your students by sharing a secret link. Depending on the settings you select, students can comment, react to posts, or add their own posts and content. You can also download and save Padlet boards as a PDF, image, or spreadsheet for later use or reference. 

Potential Uses in Teaching & Learning 

  • As a class discussion board - Ask students to share ideas, examples, or resources on a topic 
  • For short writing tasks - Ask students to summarise or explain definitions of key terms in their own words
  • As a brainstorming or planning tool – Ask students to develop a visual map, mind-map or timeline as part of a formative activity 
  • As a back-channel for an online or virtual class – Ask students to submit questions during a live lecture or tutorial 
  • To support group work – Create Padlet boards for each group to collate and present information back to the class 
  • To support module feedback approaches – Ask students to provide anonymous feedback on a module/lecture/lab using a format such as Stop/Start/Continue, 1-minute paper or short questionnaire.

For more information about the Maynooth University Padlet Backpack, please contact

What's new in Padlet? - March 2024
- Polls: for voting, quizzes or surveys
- "I can't draw": AI-Generated pictures
- Schedule posts: just add a specific time
- Templates: over 250 Padlets from which to choose. 

Make sure to visit the Padlet Gazette for more many more incredible new features.