Screencast-O-Matic has been rebranded as ScreenPal - the tools work the same way they always have however the website has a fresh look.

A screencast (also known as a vodcast or enhanced podcast) is a digital video and audio recording of computer screen activity. For example, a step-by-step walkthrough of an application process or a narrated presentation. Here are some examples of how screencasts are being used to support teaching and learning activities at Maynooth University.

  • Supporting 'Flipped Classroom' approaches
  • Providing summaries of lectures
  • Providing mini-tutorials or micro-lessons on difficult concepts
  • Providing supplementary materials
  • Communicating class announcements
  • Providing general class feedback on exams
  • Providing individualised feedback to students on formative assessment
  • As an assessment format

There are a range of tools you can use to create screencasts including MS PowerPoint, Panopto, Camtasia, Captivate and ScreenPal.

Maynooth University staff can avail of a ScreenPal license via the Maynooth University Team Plan. ScreenPal enables you to record, edit, publish and manage your video recordings.  Just follow the details below to get setup.