Writing Support for Students

All student work is submitted online via the online learning platform Moodle. Work submitted via this method does not need an official departmental cover sheet but all work should be clearly labeled with your student name, number, module code and assignment details 

Maynooth University considers plagiarism to be a serious academic misconduct, deserving of academic penalties. 

In using material from any source without giving proper attribution, i.e. without showing clearly where the material came from, students incur the risk of contravening the university’s policy on plagiarism. Some common sources of plagiarised material in student work include (but are not limited to):
- Copying and pasting from the Internet and passing this off as the student’s own writing
- Turning in a downloaded or borrowed or purchased essay and pretending it is the student’s own work
- Copying out passages from published sources of any kind without giving proper attribution (i.e. without showing the author’s name and the page numbers, and including the full reference in a bibliography)
- Copying out passages from published sources and giving proper attribution of the source, but failing to insert quotation marks to show the quoted material.
- Copying another student’s work

Watch a short video from MU Library on how to avoid plagiarism

MU Plagiarism Policy

The Maynooth University Writing Centre offers free, friendly, non-judgemental writing help to any student, undergraduate or postgraduate, regardless of course, degree or level. The support we offer is primarily through one-to-one appointments, where students can discuss their writing with peer/expert tutors.  In addition, Writing Centre staff offer writing workshops, support writing groups, engage in discipline specific work, and research in academic writing and related fields. 

See Academic Writing Support for further information

Academic Support for Students

The Academic Advisory Office offers a convenient first point of contact for students who wish to seek advice or assistance with their general experience of University life. The office provides an ombudsman-like role for students who may be encountering difficulties in their programme of study.

See Academic Advisory Office for further details

The Programme Advisory Office  is available to assist and advise undergraduate students, including incoming first year students, with programme related decisions they may be unsure about before and after the registration period. The Programme Advisory Office is a guide for students as they navigate their own way through their programme options. 

See Programme Advisory Office for further details


Non Academic Support for Students

The Student Support Office provides lots of supports available to students from student health and counselling, to financial advice, accommodation services and chaplaincy .

See Student Support Office for further details.

Student Services Mission statement
"Student Services is an integral part of the University community, enabling the promotion and development of its educational mission. Using a holistic approach, we offer a range of clearly defined services to support and empower students to achieve their personal and academic potentials and so enhance their life's journey. We strive to create a community which is open and caring and where diversity is expected and respected."


Mature Students
Our Admissions office has a dedicated section for Mature students to answer all your questions

Students Union information for mature students: https://www.msu.ie/getinvolved/communities/mature/