The Department of Anthropology awards prizes to students each year, in various different categories.  Below is a list of Prize Winners that have been awarded over the past few years:

2022-23 Prize Winners

Best 1st Year Student in Anthropology

Theresa McGauran

"I have enjoyed every minute of my time studying anthropology in Maynooth and I am delighted to receive the award. Thank you to all the lecturers and staff . Your support and encouragement have been fantastic and have made studying anthropology in Maynooth such a rewarding experience."

Best 2nd Year Student in Anthropology

Dylan O'Sullivan


Best 3rd Year Student in Anthropology

Rodrigo Souza Silva

"Studying Anthropology at Maynooth has truly been a life-changing experience for me. As a mature student, I received all the support needed to return to education and excel in my studies. The anthropology department at Maynooth is extremely nurturing, providing a supportive environment where I was able to thrive."

Best Undergraduate Thesis (joint winners)

Aaron Williams

"Studying Anthropology at Maynooth has changed how I see and engage with the world, and I am grateful to receive this award. I owe a massive thank you to my informants and interviewees who agreed to help with my research and also to my thesis supervisor, Ana Ivasiuc".

Rodrigo Souza Silva

"Working on a thesis, advised by Prof. Hana Cervinkova, was a great opportunity to develop research skills and engage in relevant topics around culture and politics, something I am very passionate about."

Achievement Award

Lucy Mullins

Community Award

Hope Boyle

"I have thoroughly enjoyed doing Anthropology as part of my degree. I am grateful to all the lecturers and staff who work for the department as they were very supportive the whole way through. I am delighted to receive this award and I would highly recommend that people take up Anthropology as part of their studies. It is a very positive learning experience and helps broaden your mind!"


Fiona Larkan Memorial Prize for Best Postgraduate Student

Jane Forte

"I consider my time studying with the Anthropology Department at Maynooth to be one my great life experiences, it is a warm and encouraging environment where my mind has been challenged and opened to new ways of thinking."

Abdullahi El-Tom Prize for Best MA Thesis

Emma Rice

"Studying anthropology has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience, allowing me to learn about the complexities of human cultures and societies. One of the most rewarding aspects has been my MA research, which I conducted under the guidance of Professor Červinková . This project provided me with the opportunity to delve deeply into a topic of personal interest, and to apply theoretical frameworks to real-life scenarios.  I strongly encourage others to pursue anthropology as their subject of study."

2021-22 Prize Winners

Best 1st Year Student in Anthropology

John Gough

"I am really enjoying studying Anthropology in Maynooth. Thank you to all the lecturers and tutors who make it challenging and fun."

Best 2nd Year Student in Anthropology

Andrew Newman

"Studying Anthropology has been a deeply enriching experience which has shattered my preconceptions and instilled a profound sense of curiosity in exploring everyday life."

Best 3rd Year Student in Anthropology

Olivia Daly

“I had such a wonderful experience studying anthropology with this department, and winning the awards really bolstered the idea of returning for a master's.”

Best Undergraduate Thesis

Hazel Gregan 

“Thank you for all your support over the 3 years of my studies, it was always a pleasure and a fantastic learning experience.”

Achievement Award

Hajna Detre McGrath

"Anthropology has really opened my eyes, I see things in different perspectives. It's an amazing journey with the Department." 

Community Award

Susie Gaynor

"Anthropology has really opened my eyes up to new possibilities and new ways of thinking. I've really enjoyed my 3 years at Maynooth and would encourage anyone thinking of doing Anthropology to do it."

Fiona Larkan Memorial Prize for Best Postgraduate Student

Colin Willox

"Studying anthropology at the graduate level after a business degree and almost ten years out of academia was initially a challenge. However, it became a pleasure learning from the faculty at the Anthropology Department and alongside my peers. We managed to pull it off despite the remote learning thrust upon us. Prof. David Prendergast and Prof. Hana Cervinkova helped smooth out and enrich the experience beyond what I could have expected. Thanks!"


Abdullahi El-Tom Prize for Best MA Thesis

William Stringer

"Researching my MA thesis was the highlight of my MA studies, working with my supervisor Professor Hana Cervinkova was a transformative and enriching experience."