Accreditation is available in either of two forms:
(a)  Certificate of Participation issued by the Education Centre, with a listing of the CPD workshops attended over the two years. All the CPD workshops are listed on the certificate, including a record of those attended.
(b)  University accreditation option, leading to M.Ed. in Innovative Learning. In this case the full process takes 3 years.
Requirements of the university accreditation option:
·         Sign up for this option  before the end of the first year of the programme  (having attended all CPD workshops in the Education Centre during the school year);
·          Prepare a summary proposal for an action research project  and submit this to the NUI Maynooth Education Department;
·         Become a registered student of the university in the second year of the programme (if the proposals is approved), studying for Year 1 of the M.Ed. in Innovative Learning;
·         During this Yr 1, attend the normal CPD workshops in the Education Centre  and three research workshops in the university, and produce a 16,000 word action research project;
·         If the research  project reaches the required standard (viz.  H.1, or H.2.1), one proceeds to Year 2 of the M.Ed. in Innovative Learning; If it falls below this standard (viz. H.2.2 or Pass) and finish by receiving a Higher Diploma in                     Innovative Learning.
·         M.Ed. Year2 involves the writing of a 30,000 word thesis by action research and attending 4/5 research workshops in the university during the course of the year. There are no CPD workshops in the Education Centre during the M.Ed.             Year 2.