TL21 is an innovative professional development programme for post-primary schools that gives them a key role in shaping and pursuing their own professional development. Originally funded by Atlantic Philanthropies (2003-2007) the programme was conceived, established and managed since 2003 by the Education Department, Maynooth University (MU). Since then a number of evaluative reports have been published on the work of TL21. The Voices from Schools  and  Learning Anew  reports were produced during the initial phase of the TL21 Project (2002 - 2007). These provide a detailed account of the work of the programme as well as reports from participant teachers, senior schools leaders as well as centre coordinators and Directors.
In 2019 the DES commissioned an independent external review of the TL21 programme.  Conducted by Professor Gary Granville the report  Partners for Progress External TL21 Report was published in June 2019. It highlighted the “demonstrable impact of TL21” and its “national and international significance … with implications for education practitioners, policy-makers and researchers in Ireland and elsewhere …”

Links to each of these reports are set out below:

  Partners for Progress External TL21 Report
  Learning Anew TL21 Report
  Voices from School Report