The TL21 Programme is a workshop-based Continuing Professional Development programme for teachers and school leaders that promotes innovative practice and professional learning communities in post-primary schools.
The programme is a research-led one and its two main aims are:

  • to strengthen teachers’ capacities as co-operative and self-critical authors of their own work;
  • to enable students to take an active and responsible part in their own learning.

The programme is currently running as a partnership between the Maynooth University Department of Education, , five Education Centres and Dublin & Dún Laoghaire Education and Training Board. There are 33 post-primary schools participating at present.
Participants in the programme attend a series of CPD workshops in an Education Centre, or ETB venue, over a two-year period and progressively develop their capabilities as innovative practitioners over this period.
Accreditation for participants is available in two forms:

  • an M.Ed in Innovative Learning, based on action research carried out in the participants’ schools;
  • accreditation provided by the Education Centres.

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