TL21 Map of Centres and Schools
TL21 currently runs in nine regional Education Centres:

  1. Blackrock
  2. Carrick-on-Shannon
  3. Dublin West
  4. Drumcondra
  5. Kildare
  6. Kilkenny
  7. Laois
  8. Navan
  9. Wexford 

Please find in the tab below a list of the 70+ schools that are currently participating in the TL21 programme. They represent a diversity of school types and a wide geographical spread. A new cycle of the programme is due to begin in September 2021 and will run in the following Education Centres: Blackrock, Carrick-on-Shannon, Dublin West, Drumcondra, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois and Wexford.
We are also exited to announce that for the very first time we will also run in:

  • West Cork Education Centre
  • Limerick Education Centre
  • Monaghan and Navan Education Centres (joint programme) 

If your school is interested in participating, please read the Get Involved section of our website.