The programme is aimed at schools as learning communities, more so than at individual teachers, so participation requires  the commitment of a minimum of three teachers from a school, plus the school leadership i.e. Principal/Deputy Principal. At present it is being expanded in the Leinster region so if you would like to get your school involved please talk to colleagues and then contact the Education Centre in your region.

The videos below showcase the experience of different participants in this programme:

What’s the commitment?
For teachers and school leaders, joining the programme means making a commitment not to a few individual sessions of in-service education, but to a developmental process  involving four to five  CPD workshops per year over a two-year period in the Education Centre. More specifically, participation involves:
·         identifying some learning goals for one’s practice at the start of the process;
·         placing these goals in a wider school context in one’s own school;
·         active participation in a series of linked workshops (four to five CPD workshops per year) in the local Education Centre;
·         promoting new initiatives in one’s own practice between the workshops;
·         exchanging feedback and ideas with fellow-participants at workshops;
·         becoming more proficient in leading and evaluating innovative educational practice.
Accreditation is available in either of two forms:
(a)  Certificate of Participation issued by the Education Centre, with a listing of the CPD workshops attended over the two years. All CPD workshops are listed on the certificate, including a record of those attended.
(b)  University accreditation option, leading to M.Ed. in Innovative Learning. In this case the full process takes 3 years.
Further details on accreditation are available by clicking on  Accreditation 

View feedback from participating schools below