Dr Fergus Ryan contributes to research on universal free access to contraception

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 - 09:00

A Framework Report on Universal Free Access to Contraception features and builds upon research carried out by Dr Fergus Ryan of Maynooth University Department of Law. The research, carried out for DHR Communications and the Irish Family Planning Association, and funded by Bayer, including a scoping report on Human Rights and legal frameworks relating to contraception in Ireland as well as draft legislation on the topic. 
Dr Ryan's research examines the human rights and equality-based case for free universal access to a fully resourced and comprehensive contraceptive service, ensuring all who seek contraception in Ireland have access to free, appropriate, and tailored contraceptive solutions that best suit their specific and individual circumstances. The research also emphasises the importance of comprehensive education and information on contraceptive choices, as well as the need for the updating of the law in this area.
The Framework Report recommends the phased introduction of universal free contraceptive services for all women and persons who seek contraception in Ireland, starting with those under 25.  It notes that while contraception is widely available in Ireland, many women may not be using the form of contraception that best suits their situation. It also highlights barriers to accessing appropriate contraception faced by specific groups in society, notably students and members of some minorities.

The Framework Report is available here:
An Irish Times article discussing the Framework Report here: