‘Seisiún’ a composition by  Maynooth University  lecturer and acclaimed contemporary classical composer, Dr Ryan Molloy, has premiered at the RHA Gallery in Dublin, with a performance by the contemporary music ensemble, Concorde. 
Dr Molloy’s critically acclaimed compositions seek to combine contemporary classical music with a traditional Irish slant, and ‘Seisiún’ a piece for clarinet, violin and cello, is his personal reflection on the traditional Irish session.
Speaking about Seisiún, Dr Molloy explained that “it doesn’t attempt to recreate a session – such an effort would be futile – rather I imagine this as a musical equivalent to Brian Vallely’s approach in his paintings. The focus on the music and musicians can oscillate between the realist and impressionist; occasionally we are presented with a heightened awareness of the physicality of what is taking place, at other times we are swept up in the flow of tune”.