Seminar Series – 2023/2024



 Seminars take place on Mondays at 12pm in John Hume Lecture Theatre 7 (JH L7) 



Semester 2 date    Speaker Institute Title
12th February    Dr. Aine Travers DCU Intimate partner violence in the LGBTQ+ community: Intersections between psychology and social justice
19th February   Dr. Rupert Legg   Leibniz University Hannover The Relations between the Environment and Mental Health: A Case of environmental contamination in Australia *
4th March Dr Daragh Bradshaw University of Limerick Parental Incarceration in a Changing Irish Prison System *
11th March  Dr. Anne-Marie Creaven University of Limerick Understanding loneliness in emerging adulthood
8th April  Dr. Sarah Jay University of Limerick Culture and Identity in Education *
22nd April Dr. Catriona O'Toole MU (Department of Education) Unlocking Minds, Healing Hearts: Exploring Trauma-Informed Practice in Schools

    * Remote seminar

Semester 1 date    Speaker Institute Title
25th September    Dr. Ian Tyndall University of Chicester Developments in understanding ostracism and social exclusion
2nd October   Dr. Constance De Saint Laurent    Maynooth University What do you meme? Studying memes from a psychological perspective
9th October   Dr. Islam Borinca University of Groningen    Understanding intergroup relations *  
16th October    Dr. Flavia Santos UCD Insights for digital transformation in maths education *
23rd October Dr. Aine Travers  DCU   Psychology and social justice
6th November Dr. Jade Sheen Deakin University "Everything's on fire": The longitudinal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health, subjective wellbeing and family functioning of frontline healthcare workers.
13th November Dr. Siobhan Woods Maynooth University The Burning Question: Exploring key risk and protective factors for athlete burnout in Gaelic games
20th November Dr. Sonya Deschenes UCD Adverse childhood experiences and chronic health outcomes in adulthood *
27th November  Dr. Denis O’Hora Galway University  I like the way you move! Action dynamics during decision making, avoidance and deception
4th December Dr. Karl Johannes DCU Be mindful what you measure: Psychometrics across cultures

 * Remote seminar