Past Reading Courses


Year Type Title Student Year of Study Supervisor(s)
2019 Reading Course Further Algebraic Topology
Conor Reynolds MSc Mark Walsh
2017 Research Project Manifolds and Topology Brian Collery MSc David Wraith
2016   Riemannian Geometry Aaron Tyrell MSc David Wraith
2015   Differential Topology Aaron Tyrell 4 David Wraith
2014   Skew Partitions Jack McDonnell MSc John Murray
2013   Classical Groups and Geometric Algebra Gareth Tracey MSc John Murray
2012   Metric Geometry Conor Burnell MSc David Wraith
2012   Representation Theory of the Symmetric Group Jane Breen 3 John Murray
2011 Reading Course Generating Functions associated with Representation Theory Ciaran Walsh 4 John Murray
2007   Differential Forms Conor Smyth MSc David Wraith