Department of Mathematics & Statistics Colloquia 2018/19

Time and Location: All colloquia take place on Wednesday at 4pm in MS2, Top Floor, Logic House, South Campus, Maynooth University, unless otherwise indicated.

Colloquium Organiser for the academic year 2018/19: Dr. Rafael De Andrade Moral


Date Speaker Institution Title
18/07/18 Prof. Idemauro Lara University of São Paulo, Brazil Transition models and tests to assess stationarity
26/09/18 Dr. Mark Walsh Maynooth University Loops, Spheres and Scalar Curvature
03/10/18 Prof. Roderick Gow UCD André Darré: Maynooth lecturer in Mathematics and Science (1801 – 1813)
10/10/18 Prof. Anthony G. O'Farrell Maynooth University Boundary values of holomorphic distributions
17/10/18 Prof. John Hinde NUI Galway Over/Under-dispersion, zero-inflation and Poisson-Tweedie models
24/10/18 Prof. Virgilio Gómez-Rubio Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha Inference on Bayesian hierarchical models with INLA and MCMC
07/11/18 Dr. Faustin Adiceam University of Manchester Recent advances related to the construction of dense forests
14/11/18 Dr. Philip Beeley University of Oxford Advancing the Public Good. A Seventeenth-Century Mathematical Life
21/11/18 Prof. John Cosgrave   Gauss factorials, and Gauss primes (joint work with Karl Dilcher)
28/11/18 Dr. Niamh Cahill UCD Using Bayesian Modelling Approaches to Assess Progress Towards Reaching Targets for Family Planning
05/12/18 Professor James Wilson Colorado State University Removing the grid from a grid of numbers
12/12/18 Dr. Klara Stokes Maynooth University Configurations of intersecting lines or circles
19/12/18 Dr. Hideyasu Shimadzu Loughborough University Investigating biospanersity change over time
06/02/19 Pavlos Kassotakis University of Cyprus Invariants in separated variables: Yang-Baxter and entwining maps
13/02/19 Professor Andrew Parnell Maynooth University Learning analytics and its potential application to Maynooth
Professor Nigel Ray University of Manchester Octonions and projective space: geometry without associativity
20/02/19 Professor Michael Fop UCD The infinite latent position cluster model for multivariate networks
27/02/19 Professor Merrilyn Goos University of Limerick Crossing Boundaries: Fostering Collaboration between Mathematics Educators and Mathematicians in Initial Teacher Education Programs
06/03/19 Dr. Clifford Gilmore UCC The Dynamics of Linear Operators
13/03/19 Professor June Barrow-Green The Open University Mathematicians at War
27/03/19 Professor Simon Kristensen Aarhus University Arithmetic properties of series of reciprocals of algebraic integers
Dr. Mark Robinson Maynooth University Big Data Immunology: The growing impact of data science on immunology research
03/04/19 Professor Stephen Buckley Maynooth University TBC
10/04/19 Professor Catherine Goldstein CNRS, Institut de mathématiques de Jussieu-Paris Rive Gauche, France Mathematics as an observational science: the case of Charles Hermite
24/04/19 Dr. John Ferguson NUI Galway TBC
Professor Byron Morgan University of Kent Forming multi-species indices: Behind the scenes
01/05/19 Professor Radha Kessar City, University of London TBC
08/05/19 Dr. Mikael Fremling Utrecht University Detecting the onset of crystalline order using full counting statistics

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