Department of Mathematics & Statistics Colloquia 2017/18

Time and Location: All colloquia take place on Wednesday at 4pm in MS2, Top Floor, Logic House, South Campus, Maynooth University, unless otherwise indicated.

Colloquium Organiser for the academic year 2017/18: Dr. Mark Walsh


Date Speaker Institution Title
20/09/17 Dr. David Malone  Maynooth University   How they choose the Lotto numbers    
27/09/17 Prof. Anthony G. O'Farrell  Maynooth University   Reversibility  
04/10/17 Dr. Erez Nesharim York University t-adic Littlewood conjecture is false
Prof. Alfred Inselberg  Tel Aviv University   Parallel Coordinates: Visual Multidimensional Geometry and its Applications   
11/10/17 Dr. Ollie Mason Maynooth University Lyapunov and Riccati Diagonal Stability
18/10/17 Dr. Neil Dobbs UCD Typical behaviour in chaotic dynamical systems
25/10/17 Demi Allen York University A mass transference principle for systems of linear forms with applications to Diophantine approximation
08/11/17 Dr. Ivan Pastine UCD   Equilibrium Existence and Expected Payoffs in All-Pay Contests with Constraints
15/11/17 Dr. John Murray Maynooth University Determining the non self-dual irreducible modules of alternating groups.
Friday @12
Professor Sergiy Klymchuk Auckland University of Technology Enhancing Engineering Students’ Creativity and Generic Thinking Skills through Non-routine Mathematics Questions
22/11/17 Dr. Anna Siffert Max-Planck-Institut, Bonn   New equivariant harmonic maps betweeen cohomogeneity one manifolds
29/11/17 Nikolas Pantelidis Waterford IT Riordan arrays – The Riordan Group    
06/12/17 Dr Juan Arismendi Zambrano Maynooth University Research in Empirical Finance
13/12/17 Dr Anne Humbert Cranfield University, UK The meaning of statistics or statistics with meaning? Reflections on the practice of statistics in a changing context
31/01/2018 Dr John Murray Maynooth University Euler's partition theorem: a new bijection between the odd and distinct partitions of n
07/02/2018 Professor David Wraith Maynooth University When is a product not a product?
14/02/2018 TBA    
21/02/2018 Dr Manuel Amann University of Augsburg Orbifolds with all geodesics closed

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