Department of Mathematics & Statistics Colloquia 2019/20

Time and Location: All colloquia take place on Wednesday at 3pm in MS2, Top Floor, Logic House, South Campus, Maynooth University, unless otherwise indicated.

Colloquium Organiser for the academic year 2019/20: Dr. Oliver Mason


Date Speaker Institution Title
25/09/19 Dr. Kevin Tracey Swansea University and The
Science Museum, London
Calculating Value: Reading the Scribal Technologies of Early Modern Mathematics
02/10/19 Dr Stephen McGuire University of Limerick Is there such a thing as a lonely runner?
09/10/19 Dr. Triona Ryan Hamilton Institute, Maynooth University Anomaly Detection for Streaming Advanced Manufacturing data
14/10/19 - Monday@4pm Prof. Anthony O'Farrell Dept. Of Mathematics and Statistics, Maynooth University Sum Functions
16/10/19 HAMILTON WALK Maths Week  
23/10/19 Dr. Rafael de Andrade Moral Dept. Of Mathematics and Statistics, Maynooth Univiersity How do birds compose their music? Modelling ecological patterns in bird song data
04/11/19 - Monday@4pm Dr. Lida Fallah Dept. Of Mathematics and Statistics, Maynooth Univiersity Aspects of Modeling and Application of Survival-type Data
06/11/19 Dr. Demi Allen University of Bristol Approximation on the Cantor set and other related fractals
13/11/19 Dr. Rachel Quinlan NUI Galway Primitivity for graphs and matrices
20/11/19 Dr. Stephen Wills University College Cork Quantum stochastic processes – a gentle introduction.
27/11/19 Mr. Georg Frenck University of Münster  
04/12/19 Dr. Martin Kerin NUI Galway Highly connected 7-manifolds with non-negative sectional curvature
11/12/19 Dr. Shirin Moghaddam University College Cork  
18/12/19 Prof. Subhrakanti Dey Hamilton Institute Remote estimation over lossy channels in the presence of an eavesdropper

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