The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has research groups in Algebra & Number TheoryGeometric AnalysisMathematics Education, and Statistics.

The Department offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Mathematics and Statistics designed to prepare students for jobs in many different fields.

Mathematics is the logical and abstract study of pattern. It involves an interplay between the concrete and the abstract: the ever-changing world around us is one of the key inspirations for the invention and investigation of abstract mathematics, and the discoveries of abstract mathematics have important and unexpected applications in the world around us. Research today is expanding the body of pure mathematical knowledge faster than ever before, with the creation of new mathematical structures and the discovery of connections between them providing deep insights into both abstract and physical worlds.

The study of Statistics helps us understand the world through data. Traditional applications include the study of nation states (the origin of the word statistics), medicine and agriculture. As the world around us advances, data is bigger and more diverse providing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The field of statistics is constantly changing to address new, modern problems from areas such as bioinformatics, social networks and fraud detection.