Possible Projects


Year Type Title Student Year of Study Supervisor(s)
2020 SPUR Algebra & the topology of manifolds
    Prof. David Wraith
2020 SPUR Tableau Switching
    Dr. John Murray
2020 Internship TBD


Past Projects

Year Type Title Student Year of Study Supervisor(s)
2019 Internship Project on Differential Geometry
Ryan Quinn 4 David Wraith & Mark Walsh
2019 Internship Littlewood-Richardson coefficients and height zero characters of symmetric groups
Nathan Keenan 3 John Murray
2019 SPUR SEALR - Investigating changing sea levels
Laura Byrne 3 Niamh Cahill & Andrew Parnell
2018 SPUR Mining the Stack Overflow Sam Adekunle 2 Katarina Domijan
2017 SPUR Extending tabuSearch R Package Ciarán Martin 3 Katarina Domijan
2017 Internship Opacity for Max-Plus Linear Systems. Nicola Brennan 4 Oliver Mason
2016 Internship Knot Theory Maria Bridges 3 David Wraith
2015 SPUR The real and strongly real classes of the double covers 2.Sn and 2.An Daragh Ryan 1 John Murray
2013 SPUR On e-blocks of skew Young diagrams Stephen Nulty 3 John Murray
2012 SPUR Permutation Actions Ciaran MacCionnaith 3 John Murray
2011 SPUR Representation Theory of Finite Groups Jane Breen 2 John Murray
2010 SPUR The Mathieu Groups Ciaran Walsh 3 John Murray
2011 Internship Matrix Groups Mairead Grogran 2 David Wraith
2003 Summer Project Starkey's Rule and the Character Table of the Iwahori-Hecke algebra of Sn Cian Synnott 3 John Murray