Possible Projects


Year Type Title Student Year of Study Supervisor(s)
2024 SPUR Uncovering the unique continental origins of the teaching of astronomy, mathematics, and physics at Maynooth.     Dr. Ciarán Mac an Bhaird
Dr. Neil Trappe


Past Projects

Year Type Title Student Year of Study Supervisor(s)
2024 Internship Irreducibility and identification of irreducible elements in several settings Luca D'Altri 4 Professor David Malone
2024 Internship Multifactorial Risk Assessments of Flooding Events Daniel O’Brien 3 Dr. Niamh Cahill
2023 Internship Topics in Differential Topology Matthew Byrne 2 Dr. Mark Walsh
2023 Internship Generalized linear mixed models applied to ecological data on wildlife monitoring Rachel McInerney 3 Dr. Rafael de Andrade Moral
2023 Internship Investigating the Rho-Pollard Method of integer factorization Ronan O'Donnell 4 Prof. David Malone
2023 SPUR Reflections on the History and Philosophy of Science: Exploring Ernan McMullin's Bequest to Maynooth University Abigail Mee
Aleksi Gramatikov
Dr. Ciarán Mac an Bhaird
2022 SPUR Ethics for Mathematics students Daniel O'Brien 1 Prof. David Malone
2022 Internship Interpret and display Berenstein-Zelevinksy hive diagrams related to Littlewood-Richardson coefficients or a skew-LR tableau of a given weight. Lughán Devenny 3 Dr. John Murray
2022 Internship Implement Gavinsky's scheme using Microsoft's programming language for the Azure Quantum platform. Daniel Farcas 4 Prof. David Malone
2022 Internship CW-Structures and Homology of some low dimensional Grassmannians and Nilmanifolds. Jack Byrne 3 Dr. Stefan Bechtluft-Sachs
2022 Internship Hausdorff dimension: How it is used to determine the "size" of some fractal sets such as the Cantor third and the Sierpinski Gasket. Anya Raftery 3 Dr. Detta Dickinson
2021 Department Internship Numerical investigations into open questions relating to joint spectral radius (JSR) in the max algebra. Brian Skelly 3 Dr. Ollie Mason
2021 Department Internship Topology and geometry of manifolds Peter Moody 4 Prof. David Wraith
2021 Department Internship Statistical modelling of hydroclimate indices Jack Kilgallen 4 Dr. Niamh Cahill
2021 SPUR Personality prediction using text mining     Dr. Katarina Domijan
2021 SPUR Bumping and sliding     Dr. John Murray
2021 SPUR Classical groups     Dr. John Murray
2020 SPUR Algebra and the topology of manifolds Josh O'Connor 2 Prof. David Wraith
2020 SPUR Algebra and the topology of manifolds Peter Moody 2 Prof. David Wraith
2020 SPUR Tableau Switching Harry Hamilton 3 Dr. John Murray
2020 Internship The Duffin Schaeffer Conjecture James Bourke 2 Dr. Detta Dickinson
2019 Internship Project on Differential Geometry
Ryan Quinn 4 David Wraith & Mark Walsh
2019 Internship Littlewood-Richardson coefficients and height zero characters of symmetric groups
Nathan Keenan 3 John Murray
2019 SPUR SEALR - Investigating changing sea levels
Laura Byrne 3 Niamh Cahill & Andrew Parnell
2018 SPUR Mining the Stack Overflow Sam Adekunle 2 Katarina Domijan
2017 SPUR Extending tabuSearch R Package Ciarán Martin 3 Katarina Domijan
2017 Internship Opacity for Max-Plus Linear Systems. Nicola Brennan 4 Oliver Mason
2016 Internship Knot Theory Maria Bridges 3 David Wraith
2015 SPUR The real and strongly real classes of the double covers 2.Sn and 2.An Daragh Ryan 1 John Murray
2013 SPUR On e-blocks of skew Young diagrams Stephen Nulty 3 John Murray
2012 SPUR Permutation Actions Ciaran MacCionnaith 3 John Murray
2011 SPUR Representation Theory of Finite Groups Jane Breen 2 John Murray
2010 SPUR The Mathieu Groups Ciaran Walsh 3 John Murray
2011 Internship Matrix Groups Mairead Grogran 2 David Wraith
2003 Summer Project Starkey's Rule and the Character Table of the Iwahori-Hecke algebra of Sn Cian Synnott 3 John Murray