Maynooth Conference in the History of Mathematics

Maynooth Conference in the History of Mathematics 2019 - Group Photo

A joint Irish History of Mathematics (IHoM) and British Society for the History of Mathematics (BSHM) Conference was held at Maynooth University on August 1st and 2nd 2019.


Day 1 focussed on invited talks on a selection of  mathematical texts  from the Russell Library, it also featured a visit to the Russell Library to view their collections, which include works of Galileo, Copernicus, Fermat, and Newton, to name but a few. Day 2 followed a format similar to previous IHoM conferences.

A timetable for the conference is available. Some of the talks are available below:

Speaker Talk
Bennett, Joseph Grand Prix des Sciences Mathématiques 1882
Błaszczyk, Piotr On how Descartes changed the meaning of the Pythagorean theorem
Gow, Rod Francis Hutcheson: an Irish-born philosopher with mathematical interests
Hemmens, Sue The Bishop, the Knight, his Wives, and a Book: an Arabic Euclid from the collection of Narcissus Marsh
Lynch, Peter Gabriel Stoke's Fundamental Contributions to Fluid Dynamics
Weerden, Anne van A biographer's opinion as primary source: the strange case of Sir William Rowan Hamilton

Titles and Abstracts: Titles and abstracts for all talks are available.

Registration: Thanks to funding from the British Society for the History of Mathematics, the Irish Mathematical Society, Maynooth University, Maynooth University Library and Maynooth University Department of Mathematics and Statistics, there was no registration fee.

Organisers: Dr Ciarán Mac an Bhaird (Maynooth University) and Dr Philip Beeley (University of Oxford)

In collaboration with Barbara McCormack (Special Collections Librarian).