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We are a vibrant diverse  group of academics with an international reputation for excellence in research and teaching. Our mission is to provide students with the skills needed to take an analytical approach to understand, critique and create policies to combat economic and social problems such as poverty, unemployment, gender and racial inequality, financial instability and  climate change. You can find out more about Economics by looking at the videos below. 

New Programme. BSc Economics will put you on a path to become a professional economist. For more information, please click here.

Why Study Economics? Dr. Pastine explains why economics graduates are in high demand in the private and public sector. Economics graduates have the skills to become key players in business and in public policy with wide career choices.

What do students think about Economics at Maynooth University? Listen to past and present students.


WHY study Economics at Maynooth University? 
Let our recent graduates tell you WHY.......

Course Structure of Undergraduate Degrees in Economics

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