Below you can find links to the videos made by the Department of Economics at Maynooth University to support secondary school students.

The six videos below are titled:

  • What is economics?
  • Why study economics?
  • Minimum wages: Theory and practice
  • Fast fashion and economics
  • Game theory
  • YEOTY award winner, 2021

Dr. Leahy explains how economics is the science of choice.

Why Study Economics?

Minimum wages for secondary school students - Irish sign language interpretation included

This 30 min video for leaving cert students is intended to be watched at school during class time. The first part of the video covers minimum wages as presented in the leaving cert curriculum. The second part has interviews on minimum wages with academics and policy influencers. The third part discusses the question ‘what is economics?’.

A video for Transition-Year students - Fast Fashion and Economics 

This short (± 8 minute) video gives TY students a flavour of how economists look at issues from daily life, using “fast fashion” as an example.  The final-year research project of one of our students provided the inspiration for the video. 


Game Theory

Game theory is a tool we use in economics to study any environment with strategic interaction where there is competition and/or conflict and/or cooperation. This 8-minute video gives the spirit of game theory and how economists think.  

2021 MU Economics Department Young Economist Award Winner Also Wins the Overall YEOTY Award