MH415 - BSc Economics (Integrated with MSc Economics) 
In the BSc Economics degree, you will learn to take a scientific evidence-based approach to understand economic and socio-economic problems, to critique existing policies and to create new solutions to combat these problems in public and private sector. The programme will put you on a path to become a professional economist. 

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This page contains:

A one-page CAO booklet information on BSc Economics - Course information - click here
- FAQ about BSc Economics
- A video on BSc Economics
- A podcast on MH415 - Guidance Podcast with Donnchadh O'Mahony and Dr John McGinnity
- MH415 - Handbook

FAQ about BSc Economics: 

  1- Is this programme for me?  
  2- Can I get in the programme even though I did NOT do LC Economics?
  3- What is the duration of the programme?  
  4 and 5- What is Economics? Why study Economics?  
  6- Why BSc in Economics?  
  7- What does BSc Economics ‘integrated with MSc Economics' mean?  
  8- Why integrated with MSc Economics?
  9- What are the conditions of automatic transfer to MSc Economics from BSc Economics?
  10- Can I graduate with BSc Economics and not go on with MSc Economics?
  11- What will be my career options with BSc Economics only?
  12- What will be my career options with MSc Economics?
  13- What is the cost of MSc Economics portion of the programme?
  14- Is there an Erasmus/Study Abroad option?
  15- Why choose the Department of Economics at Maynooth University?
  16- What is the difference between studying Business and Economics?
  17- What if I change my mind about studying BSc after the first year?
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