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Irene Mosca holds a Ph.D in Economics from the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, UK).  From 2010-2018, she worked with The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA), in Trinity College Dublin, coordinating the economics domain and chairing the socioeconomic research group. She joined Maynooth University in 2019.

Irene has established a strong record of research and published articles in international peer-reviewed journals, including Demography, Oxford Economics Papers, the Journal of Population Economics, Labour Economics, Economics Letters, the Journal of Economic Psychology, Economics and Human Biology, the International Journal of Public Health. Irene’s research has covered a wide range of topics, including: (return) migration and mental health; obesity and employment; retirement and cognition; personality and wealth accumulation; socioeconomic gradients in health; and the long-term effects of the Irish Marriage Bar. 

Research Interests

My research interests are in the fields of population economics, labour economics and health economics

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2022 Mosca, I. and R.E. Wright (2022) 'Economics of Marriage Bars' In: Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics. Switzerland : Springer Nature.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2022 Eibich P.; Lorenti A.; Mosca I. (2022) 'Does retirement affect voluntary work provision? Evidence from Europe and the U.S'. Labour Economics, 76 . [DOI]
2020 Mosca I., V. O'Sullivan and R.E. Wright (2020) 'The Educational Attainment of the Children of Stay-at-home Mothers: Evidence from the Irish Marriage Bar'. OXFORD ECONOMIC PAPERS, Forthcoming .
2020 Mosca I. and R.E. Wright (2020) 'The Long-term Consequences of the Irish Marriage Bar'. THE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL REVIEW, 51 (1):1-34.
2018 Mosca, I. and R.E. Wright (2018) 'The Effect of Retirement on Cognition: Evidence from the Irish Marriage Bar'. Demography, 55 (4):1317-1341. [Full-Text]
2016 Mosca, I. & McCrory C. (2016) 'Personality and Wealth Accumulation Among Older Couples: Do Dispositional Characteristics Pay Dividends?'. Journal of Economic Psychology, 56 :1-19. [Full-Text]
2016 Mosca, I. and R.E. Wright (2016) 'Height and Cognition at Older Ages: Irish Evidence'. Economics Letters, 149 :98-101. [Full-Text]
2016 Mosca, I. and A. Barrett (2016) 'The Impact of Voluntary and Involuntary Retirement on Mental Health: Evidence from Older Irish Adults'. Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics, 19 (1):33-44. [Full-Text]
2016 Mosca, I. and A. Barrett (2016) 'The Impact of Adult Child Emigration on the Mental Health of Older Parents'. Journal of Population Economics, 29 (3):687-719. [Full-Text]
2015 Barrett, A., I. Mosca and B. Whelan (2015) 'How Well-Informed are Pension Scheme Members on Their Future Pension Benefits? Evidence from Ireland'. Journal of Aging and Social Policy, . [DOI] [Full-Text]
2015 Hudson, E., D. Madden and I. Mosca (2015) 'A Formal Investigation of Inequalities in Health Behaviours after Age 50 on the Island of Ireland'. Economic And Social Review, 46 (2):253-265. [Full-Text]
2014 Mosca, I. and R.A. Kenny (2014) 'Investigating Cross-nationals Differences in Prevalence of Diagnosed, Measured and Undiagnosed Hypertension: the Case of Ireland and the US'. International Journal of Public Health, 59 (5):759-767. [Full-Text]
2013 Mosca I and A. Barrett (2013) 'The Psychic Costs of Migration: Evidence from Irish Return Migrants'. Journal of Population Economics, 26 (2):483-506. [Full-Text]
2013 Mosca I (2013) 'Body Mass Index, Waist Circumference and Employment: Evidence from Older Irish Adults'. ECONOMICS AND HUMAN BIOLOGY, 11 (4):522-533. [Full-Text]
2013 Mosca, I., Ní Bhuachalla, B. & Kenny, R.A. (2013) 'Explaining Significant Differences in Subjective and Objective Measures of Cardiovascular Health: Evidence for the Socioeconomic Gradient in a Population-based Study'. BMC Cardiovascular Disorders, 13 (64). [Full-Text]
2013 Mosca, I. and A. Barrett (2013) 'Increasing the State Pension Age, the Recession and Expected Retirement Ages'. Economic And Social Review, 44 (4):447-472. [Full-Text]
2013 Mosca, I. and A. Barrett (2013) 'Early-life Causes and Later-life Consequences of Migration: Evidence from older Irish Adults'. Journal of Population Ageing, 6 (1):29-45. [Full-Text]
2013 Mosca, I. and A. Barrett (2013) 'Social Isolation, Loneliness and Return Migration: Evidence from Older Irish Adults'. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 39 (10):1659-1677. [Full-Text]
2009 Mosca I (2009) 'Impact of Population Ageing on Earnings and Employment in Italy'. LABOUR: REVIEW OF LABOUR ECONOMICS AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, 23 (2):371-395.
2008 Lisenkova, K., Mosca, I. & Wright, R.E (2008) 'Ireland and Scotland: Converging or Diverging Demography?'. SCOTTISH AFFAIRS, 68 :18-36.

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2021 Mosca, I. (2021) 37th Eurasia Business and Economics Society Conference, Berlin, Germany Economics of Marriage Bars Berlin, Germany, .

Published Report

Year Publication
2011 Mosca, I. and A. Barrett (2011) Retirement and Labour Market Participation. In Fifty Plus in Ireland 2011: First Results from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing. Dublin: Trinity College Dublin, .
2014 Hudson, E., I. Mosca and V. O'Sullivan (2014) The Economic Well-Being of Over 50s and their Children. In The Over 50s in a Changing Ireland: Economic Circumstances, Health and Well-Being. Dublin: Trinity College Dublin, .
2016 Mosca, I. and A. Barrett (2016) A New Look at the Recession and Ireland’s Older People: The Emigration of Adult Children and the Mental Health of their Parents. Dublin: Trinity College Dublin, .
2016 Mosca, I. and Nivakoski, S. (2016) Income Adequacy and Quality of Life in Older Age: Evidence from the First Three Waves of The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing. Dublin: Trinity College Dublin, .
2018 Ward, M., I. Mosca and S. Gibney (2018) Volunteering and Social Participation. In Wellbeing and Health in Ireland’s over 50s 2009-2016. Dublin: Trinity College Dublin, .


Year Publication
2021 Mosca, I. (2021) How Ireland dealt with 1951's deadly flu epidemic. ARTCL [Link]

Invited Seminars

Year Publication
2022 Mosca I. (2022) The long-term effects of rubella exposure in utero. INVS
2021 Mosca, I. (2021) The Long-Term Effects of In-Utero Exposure to Rubella. INVS

Working Paper

Year Publication
2022 Mosca, I. and A. Nolan (2022) The Long-Term Effects of In-Utero Exposure to Rubella. WP [Link]
2021 Mosca, I. and R.E. Wright (2021) Economics of Marriage Bars. WP [Link]
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Professional Associations

Description Function From / To
Economic and Social Research Institute Research Affiliate -
Global Labor Organization (GLO) Affiliate -
Trinity College Dublin Visiting Research Fellow -
IZA Institute of Labor Economics Research Affiliate -

Honors and Awards

Date Title Awarding Body
01/05/2022 Novartis Prize for Best Health Economics Paper at the 2022 Irish Economics Association Conference Irish Economics Association
01/01/2017 Excellence in Mental Health Policy and Economics Research Award Editorial Board of The Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics
01/01/2017 Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing Economics and Human Biology (academic journal)
01/01/2014 Health Research Board (HRB) Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement Award Health Research Board


Committee Function From / To
Social Research Ethics Sub-Committee Member/Reviewer 01/09/2019 - 31/08/2021
Irish Society for Women in Economics (ISWE) Executive Committee Member 01/10/2022 -


Employer Position From / To
Trinity College Dublin Post-doctoral researcher / research fellow 01/07/2010 - 02/10/2018
University of Strathlyde, UK Research Assistant 30/09/2009 - 24/02/2010
DTZ Pieda Consulting, UK Economic Assistant 01/10/2004 - 30/09/2006


Start date Institution Qualification Subject
University of Strathclyde, UK PhD Economics
University of Strathclyde, UK MSc Economic Management and Policy
University of Ferrara, Italy BA in Economics Economics


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English Fluent Fluent Fluent
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