Our Research

Our research is theoretical, empirical, and methodological.  We develop theoretical models to understand how economic, social, cultural and legal environments affect individuals, firms and governments and how economies and their component parts function. We use quantitative and qualitative analysis to examine theories and to understand observed behaviour. Where appropriate, we develop new statistical techniques to analyze data.   

Only by understanding the world around us can we devise policies that improve it. Our research is generally policy focussed; indeed, we have often had direct input into government policy.

Our research interests range from Health Economics to International Trade; from the Economics of Inequality to Industrial Organization; from Sports Economics to Macroeconomics; from Agricultural Economics to Game Theory; from Development Economics to Public Economics to Labour Economics.

The questions we have sought to answer include:

  • How do economic inequalities emerge and persist across generations? What roles do gender and race play in these inequalities?
  • How do spending limits affect the outcomes of political campaigns?
  • How does the government set tax policy to attract Foreign Direct Investment? 
  • Do tariffs on agricultural goods lead to resource misallocation?
  • What difference do managers make to team performances in football?
  • How do firms respond to tax harmonization? 
  • How does a parent decide which school her child should attend?
  • How do R&D joint ventures affect environmental outcomes?
  • What is the impact of childbearing on men’s and women’s earnings?
  • Are stockmarket prices useful in warning about imminent financial crises?
  • How would a Living Wage affect firms and workers?
  • Does retirement lead to increased voluntary work?

Although these questions vary widely, they all examine how individuals and firms respond to the incentives shaped by policies, laws, regulations and institutions and how these responses affect individuals and firms.

Members of Maynooth’s Department of Economics have a wide range of research interests, but our goal is always to improve our understanding of the world in order to make that world a better place.