New article published by Dr Laura Watson in Ethnomusicology Ireland 8

Feminist Musical Activism in Ireland (2016-21) and Feminist Musicology, by Dr Laura Watson
Monday, February 27, 2023 - 13:00

Dr Laura Watson has published a new article in Ethnomusicology Ireland, vol. 8: 'Feminist Musical Activism in Ireland (2016-21) and Feminist Musicology'.

Music has been a key site of feminist activism in Ireland since 2016. This article explores the 
multiple ways in which feminist collectives have challenged structural inequalities in Ireland’s
music world. The discussion of collectives such as Sounding the Feminists, FairPlé, Why Not
Her? and Irish Women in Harmony shows that this activism amounts to a larger movement. The
movement concerns several genres and cuts across a range of professional and amateur
activities, including performance and composition. This article further offers an analysis of the
Irish feminist conditions influencing this movement. These include the “Repeal” campaign,
whereby activists worked to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland, so that
the state would legislate for abortion. The article further calls for a more expansive discourse in
feminist musicology to accommodate feminist musical activism and research beyond academia.
It also frames and critiques this activism as gendered “equality labour.”