We are very excited to offer Electives to our second year students as part of your Maynooth Education. An Elective is a great way to enhance your degree by enabling you to develop new skills that will complement your chosen programme. Students taking Electives will be introduced to the diverse fields of research underway at Maynooth as well as the excellent lecturing staff throughout the University.

Electives allow students to broaden their perspective by studying across disciplines thus learning how to think differently and appreciate different viewpoints. We know employers want graduates who can look at the world in different ways and find creative solutions to challenging problems.  Students may also choose to take an Elective because they are intrigued by the topic. 

Electives available in 2019-20 may include such topics as: 

  • Accounting in Society
  • Beginning Chinese
  • Beginning Spanish
  • Community Education
  • Continuing French/Spanish/German/Nua Gaeilge/Chinese
  • Creative Technologies and Digital Prototyping 
  • Education Engagement and Equality
  • Engaging with Civil Society
  • Film and Screen Studies
  • Gender and Sexuality in Society and Culture
  • Global Environmental Change
  • Good and Evil
  • Great Books
  • Introduction to Logic and Philosophy in the Digital Age
  • Irish Culture Heritage
  • Perspectives of Poverty and Development
  • Service Innovation
  • Science Communication
  • Skills for Success
  • War, Terrorism and Global Security
  • Working Creatively in Groups and Teams


Registration for Electives is subject to usual timetable viability and requirements in your main subjects; for some students this may mean an Elective may not be compatible with their subjects/programme. There may also be limited places in some Electives so be sure to register for your preferred Elective early. 


If you have a question about Electives, please email programme.choices@mu.ie