The service digitalization in fine-dining restaurants: a cost-benefit perspective

Monday, March 14, 2022 - 09:15

Dr. Rajibul Hasan from the School of Business Maynooth University recently published an article titled “The service digitalization in fine-dining restaurants: a cost-benefit perspective” in International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management Journal.
This article explored the perceived value of service digitalization in fine-dining restaurants in France.  This research utilized a qualitative research approach. 24 fine-dining restaurant managers (listed in the Michelin Guide) and 29 customers of fine-dining restaurants were interviewed for this research.
This study demonstrated that fine-dining restaurants are highly experience-centric compared to other types of restaurants. It also recommends which services should be digitalized and which should not be to create and manage experiences throughout the customer journey. The finding of this study suggest that the lack of human interaction is the biggest perceived obstacle to digitalizing the customer journey in fine-dining restaurants.
Link of the article