David Mangan comments on EU Social Partners’ Digitalisation Agreement

Friday, January 8, 2021 - 11:30

Dr. David Mangan has commented on the EU Social Partners’ Autonomous Framework Agreement on Digitalisation. 
The Agreement is welcome (particularly in the midst of a pandemic) as an acknowledgement of the continuing movement towards a predominantly digital means of working amongst the Member States. Additionally, it serves as a commentary by the Social Partners on: digitalisation; the challenges and opportunities it poses for work; and how these parties foresee future engagement on this topic. Nonetheless, the Agreement only offers a process for engaging with some of the significant questions facing work; seemingly suggesting a long-term process of engagement. It leaves a number of matters for further discussion.   
David's research investigates private law obligations (such as privacy and defamation) as well as employment/labour law, with a focus on the impact of information technology in these areas.