Department of Mathematics & Statistics Colloquia 2015/16

Time and Location: All colloquia take place on Wednesday at 4pm in MS2, Top Floor, Logic House, South Campus, Maynooth University, unless otherwise indicated.

Colloquium Organiser for the academic year 2015/16: Dr. Ann O'Shea


Date Speaker Institution Title
23/09/15 Professor Kevin McGerty Oxford University Localization and symplectic resolutions
30/09/15 Professor Boris Botvinnik University of Oregon Conformal geometry and topology of manifolds
07/10/15 Professor Mark Walsh Wichita State University Positive Scalar Curvature and Manifolds with Boundary
14/10/15 Professor Peter Butkovic University of Birmingham Tropical supereigenvectors
Dr. Andrew Parnell UCD Extreme Climatic Events: Impacts for Ireland
04/11/15 Professor George Huxley Maynooth University On some Definitions of Numbers in Euclid's Elements VII                         
11/11/15 Professor Anthony G. O'Farrell Maynooth University The size of sum sets
18/11/15 Gareth Treacy University of Warwick Generating transitive permutation groups: a conjecture of Pyber
25/11/15 Dr. John Murray Maynooth University Real elements of odd order and real characters of finite groups
02/12/15 Dr. Detta Dickinson Maynooth University The distribution of algebraic conjugate points
09/12/15 Professor RG Flood Gresham College, London James Clerk Maxwell
16/12/15 Dr. Martin Kerin Wilhelms Universität Münster On semi-free actions whose orbit spaces are manifolds
03/02/16 Dr Benjamin Sambale TU Kaiserslautern Orthogonality relations for character and blocks
Dr Brendan Murphy UCD Variable Selection for Latent Class Analysis
Prof. Juan José Salazar González Universidad de La Laguna, Tenerife Mathematical Programming for some logistics problems of a regional airline carrier
17/02/16 Professor Alice Niemeyer University of Aachen Randomised Algorithms in Group Theory
24/02/16 Dr Spyros Dendrinos UCC On boundedness properties of the restricted X-ray transform
02/03/16 Dr Rozenn Dahyot TCD   Registration of functions - applications to colour transfer and pattern recognition
09/03/16 Dr Kit Nair University of Liverpool   Ergodic Methods for Continued Fractions
30/03/16 Professor Stephen Buckley Maynooth University   Examples and counterexamples in discrete dynamical systems
06/04/16 Dr Johannes Schleischitz Universitat fur BodenKultur, Vienna   Metric Diophantine approximation on manifolds
13/04/16 Dr Guoniu Han University of Strasbourg   Combinatorics on integer partitions
20/04/16 Dr Siobhan Connolly Maynooth University   Statistical methods to investigate the parental role in Autism Spectrum Disorder
27/04/16 Professor Jana Madjarova Chalmers University   On the Art of Provoking the Wrong Answer, or How To Construct Tests
04/05/16 Professor Luis Guijarro Universidad Autonoma de Madrid   Geodesics, focal points and the transverse Jacobi equation.
18/05/16 Professor Alberto Facchini University of Padua Algebra, writing, right R-modules, left R-modules, G-groups.

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