Selected Recent Publications:

Please find below a list of recent published articles in leading journals from members of the Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting.


Flavin, T.J. and D. Lagoa-Varela (2019). 'On the stability of stock-bond comovements across market conditions in the Eurozone periphery', GLOBAL FINANCE JOURNAL, forthcoming

Mosca I. and R.E. Wright (2019) 'The Long-term Consequences of the Irish Marriage Bar'. THE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL REVIEW, forthcoming

Doris, A, O’Neill, D and O.Sweetman, (2018) “Does Reducing Unemployment Benefits During a Recession Reduce Youth Unemployment? Evidence from a 50% Cut in Unemployment Assistance,”” forthcoming in THE JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCES.

Doris, A, O’Neill, D and O.Sweetman, (2018) “How Important are Firms in Explaining Wage Changes during a Recession?” forthcoming in ECONOMICA.

Garvey, A., McNally, B., and T. O’Connor. (2019). Valuation of defined pension schemes in IAS 19 employee benefits – true and fair? JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL REGULATION AND COMPLIANCE, Vol. 27, pp. 31-42. 

Chapman, B and Doris, A, (2019) “Modelling Higher Education Finance Reform in Ireland," ECONOMICS OF EDUCATION REVIEW, Vol. 71, pp. 109-119


Mosca, I. and R.E. Wright (2018) 'The Effect of Retirement on Cognition: Evidence from the Irish Marriage Bar'  DEMOGRPAHY, 55 (4): 1317-1341 

Cole, M, Pastine, I and Pastine, T.  (2018) 'Incumbency Advantage in an Electoral Contest'  THE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL REVIEW, 49 (4):419-436

O’Neill, D  (2018) “A New Competing Risks Decomposition: Application to the Effect of Cutting Unemployment Benefit on Unemployment Durations,” forthcoming at JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL STATISTICAL SOCIETY: SERIES C.

Dewit, G., K. Hynes and D. Leahy (2018), “Corporate tax games with cross-border Externalities from Public Infrastructure”, ECONOMIC INQUIRY, 56, 1047-1063.

Dungey, M., Flavin, T. and Lagoa-Varela, D., (2018). "Are banking shocks contagious? Evidence from the Eurozone", forthcoming in JOURNAL OF BANKING AND FINANCE.
Flavin, T., (2018). "From bulls to bears: Stock-bond comovements in European markets", in Boubaker, S. and Nguyen, D.K. (eds), Handbook of Global Financial Markets: Transformations, Dependence and Risk Spillovers, forthcoming, World Scientific Publishing.

Julie Byrne, M. Hurley, R. A. Pecchenino, (2018) 'Real Options? Labor Contracts in and Uncertain World' forthcoming in 'BUSINESS ECONOMICS'

Dewit, G. H. Görg, and Y. Temouri (2018) "Employment Protection and Firm Relocation: Theory and Evidence,"  forthcoming in ECONOMICA.



Flavin, T., and T. O'Connor (2017) 'Reputation building and the lifecycle model of dividends'. PACIFIC BASIN FINANCE JOURNAL, vol. 46, pp. 177-190.

Pecchenino, R. (2017). “To Whom the Spoils?” IRISH JOURNAL OF ANTHROPOLOGY, 20, 12 – 25.

Byrne, J., and O’Connor, T. (2017). 'How do creditors respond to disclosure quality? Evidence from corporate dividend payouts'. JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL MARKETS, INSTITUTIONS AND MONEY, Vol. 49, pp. 154-172. 

Byrne, J., and O’Connor, T. (2017). Creditor rights, culture and dividend payout policy. JOURNAL OF MULTINATIONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, Vol. 39, pp. 60-77.  

​Boco, H., Germain, L., and Rousseau, F. (2017) 'Strategic Market Making and Risk Sharing'. JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL FINANCE, 7 

N. Holton and D.O'Neill (2017)  “The Changing Nature of Irish Wage Inequality from Boom to Bust,” ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL REVIEW.. 48(1), pp. 1-26. 
This paper was awarded the 2018 Brendan Walsh prize for Research by the Council of Economic and Social Studies, in recognition of being the best paper published in the ESR in 2017.


Cronin, David, T.J Flavin and Lisa Sheenan (2016) 'Contagion in Eurozone sovereign bond markets? The Good, the bad and the ugly'. ECONOMIC LETTERS, 143 :5-8

O'Neill D  and O. Sweetman (2016) '"Bounding Obesity Rates in the Presence of Self-Reporting Errors".  EMPIRICAL ECONOMICS, Vol. 50, pp. 857-871  

Boco, H., Germain, L., and Rousseau, F. (2016) 'Heterogeneous Noisy Beliefs and Dynamic Competition in Financial Markets'. ECONOMIC MODELLING, 54 :347-363

Leahy, D. and C. Montagna (2016) 'Economising, Strategising and the Vertical Boundaries of the firm'.B.E. JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL ECONOMICS

Dewit, G. and D. Leahy (2016) 'Strategic R&D Commitment and the Gains from Trade'. REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS, 24 :1129-1148


Flavin, T.J., and L. Sheenan (2015). "The role of U.S. mortgage-backed assets in propagating the crisis: Contagion or interdependence?" NORTH AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS AND FINANCE, 34, 167-186.

O'Neill D. (2015)​ "Divided Opinion on The Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013: Random or Systematic Differences?"  175–178 (239) ECONOMICS LETTERS

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Ni Mhaille, G., McGilloway, S., Hyland, L., Leckey, Y., Kelly, P., Lodge, A., Donnelly, M. & O’Neill, D. (2015) "Exploring the effects of a universal classroom management training programme on teacher and child behaviour: A group randomised controlled trial and cost analysis" forthcoming  JOURNAL OF EARLY CHILDHOOD RESEARCH

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Flavin, T.J., C. Morley and E. Panopoulou (2014), “Identifying safe haven assets for equity investors through an analysis of the stability of shock transmission”, JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL MARKETS, INSTITUTIONS AND MONEY, 33, 137-154.

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