Launch of "The Revolutionary and Anti-Imperialist Writings of James Connolly 1893-1916", edited by Dr Conor McCarthy

The Revolutionary and Anti-Imperialist Writings of James Connolly 1893-1916 cover
Thursday, November 17, 2016 - 18:00

The writings of Ireland’s greatest left-wing and anti-imperialist activist

James Connolly, the greatest Marxist and socialist thinker, organiser and leader Ireland ever produced, was also a great internationalist and anti-imperialist writer and campaigner. This wide-ranging anthology features a scholarly introduction which provides background to Connolly’s life, career, and influences; and which contextualizes his work both in Ireland and internationally. The collection of texts presented here demonstrates that Connolly’s writings are as pertinent in Ireland and the postcolonial world a century after his execution for leadership of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland as it was in his own lifetime. The Revolutionary and Anti-Imperialist Writings of James Connolly, 1893-1916 will be a vital and inspiring resource for students, scholars and activists seeking to understand the tumultuous history of early-twentieth century Ireland in both its local and imperial contexts, and looking for the tools to understand the inequities of our globalised world today.

Key Features

  • Offers an account of his life and locates his work in the contexts of Irish, imperial and global history
  • Stresses the complex and rich dialectic in his work between socialism and Marxism, and nationalism
  • Demonstrates Connolly’s internationalist and anti-imperialist world-view
  • Locates Connolly’s work in the context of Irish nationalist and republican revolutionary thought, and international Marxism and anti-imperialism