In this section of the hub you will find a principles-based toolkit which has been developed to provide course teams at Maynooth University with guidance on periodical review of their assessment and feedback practices in support of student success. The toolkit includes twelve principles and twelve corresponding worksheets.  As noted by the authors, ‘local teams can set short- and longer-term prioritised targets to enhance assessment to focus activities that will help to ensure that assessment tasks, assignments and feedback can fully contribute to student engagement and ultimately positive outcomes’ (Brown and Sambell).

You will also find links to the Maynooth University policies that relate to assessment.
This information is followed by a curated list of resources, some of which have been developed specifically for Maynooth University, and others which we have sourced directly, or adapted, from other HEIs. Each resource has a short description and includes a note of the home institution from which the resource was sourced, where applicable.