In this section of the hub you will find a short guide developed specifically for Maynooth University staff on the topic of ‘Approaches to Assessment’. This guide outlines why good assessment matters, briefly considers research-informed thinking about assessment, and provides practical advice on the why, what, how, who and when of assessment. The guide includes some suggestions around what readers might want to do next, under this topic, and a list of references to resources and research.
The guide is complemented by a short video on the same topic. In the video, Professor Sally Brown and Professor Kay Sambell consider five questions around fit for purpose assessment. The questions are: why do we assess (rationale); when do we assess (timing); what are we assessing (knowledge, skills, attitudes, etc.); how do we assess (range of methods); and who does the assessing (lecturer, tutor, employer, peer, self).

The Maynooth University guide and video are followed by a curated list of resources, some of which have been developed specifically for Maynooth University, and others which we have sourced directly, or adapted, from other HEIs. Each resource has a short description and includes a note of the home institution from which the resource was sourced, where applicable.