As part of the ‘Assess for Success’ initiative, the Centre for Teaching and Learning worked with Professor Sally Brown and Professor Kay Sambell to develop six guides on the topics that staff had identified as priorities regarding assessment and feedback. All of the guides are published and shared under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA.
You can access the six guides below. Many of the guides have companion videos/animations which can be accessed in the relevant topic section.

  Approaches to Assessment  

  Feedback and Feedback Literacy
  Designing Authentic Assessment  
  A Principles Based Toolkit for Effective Assessment Design
  Self and Peer Assessment

  Using Rubrics to Promote Learning

Student Guides
Student guides were also developed to complement the staff resources and so that staff could share some of the ideas and research around the topics with students.
  Approaches to Assessment - Student Guide

  Feedback and Feedback Literacy - Student Guide

  Authentic Assessment - Student Guide

  Self and Peer Assessment - Student Guide

  Using Rubrics to Promote Learning - Student Guide