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Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 11:30

Why not Experience More ……
Why not experience more from your degree programme by opting to take an experiential learning module, such as Skills for Success (involving employer-led sessions) or MU SPUR (paid six week summer research placement) where you will be learning by doing and reflecting, and have the opportunity to connect classroom content with real-world experience.
Experience More During Your Time at MU
The routes available to Maynooth students to experience more from their degree programme are diverse, enabling the development of rich learning experiences that connect classroom content with real-world experience. The Experiential Learning Office connects Maynooth students to a range of opportunities in the following areas.

Professional Development and Employability
Experiential learning professional development and employability modules are available to eligible second year students. The key purpose of these modules, involving a number of employers, is to facilitate students in their academic, personal and professional career development, so that they will be well equipped to secure internships and to successfully enter the graduate labour market.
See Skills for Success EX201 and EX202 for more details

MU SPUR (Summer Programme for Undergraduate Research)
An active research based and paid experiential learning programme for successful undergraduate pre-final year student applicants who wish to learn more about the postgraduate experience, by working closely with faculty mentors on research projects across a range of disciplines. See details here of the 2017 programme.
Community Based Service Learning
Community Based Service Learning presents a credit-bearing academic experience that empowers students to engage with their surrounding communities, which often results in enhancing student’s academic, civic, social and personal development, whilst they contribute to the common good. The experiential learning office facilitates academic staff in offering community based service learning experiences with their students.
For further details please contact:

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Tel:                         + 353 1 4747760