Sharing with a Property Owner

There are three main types of accommodation available in this sector; Room with a meal plan, Self Catering and Room only.  
Properties vary in size and number of occupants (families, to professional couples to single occupancy).  

•The normal landlord and tenant laws in Ireland do not cover this situation and disputes

•It is recommended in these arrangements that both parties draw up a written agreement to cover issues such as deposits, rent, bills, house rules and notice requirements (if you leave early what are the consequences?). As a student this is very important to avoid conflict/disputes during the tenancy.  Our Student Tenant section has very useful information from an Accommodation Checklist to Key Questions to ask when viewing properties.  

You can also look at the fact finder on  (access is restricted so make sure you have read this information) with regard to Student Accommodation Statistics.


Note for Incoming New Students:

Most of the accommodation available to incoming new students will be in the owner shared/family accommodation sector with limited accommodation in houses with other students (most of this accommodation goes to the current student market towards the end of the previous academic year.