Student Refund, Electronic Fund Transfer procedure (EFT)

Electronic Fund Transfer can only be processed to the following Irish Bank accounts - AIB, BoI, EBS, TSB, An Post, Revolut.   Please log onto Maynooth University Student Web Portal and submit your Irish Bank account details as per the below - (please note that refunds cannot be processed to a Credit Union Account).  EFT refunds can only be processed to an active Irish Bank Account, it is the responsiblity of a student to submit correct account details for the account they wish their funds to be processed into.

  • enter your own personal Student Number and Password;
  • choose Fees & Grants Menu;
  • choose Student Bank Account Details option from the drop down menu on the left;
  •  as part of the security process you are then asked to enter your “Date of Birth” – i.e. in DDMMYYYY format.

This will then bring up a screen whereby you have to enter the following details of the Bank Account Holder that the refund is to be sent to:

  • Account Holder Title 
  • Account Holder Initials
  • Account Holder Surname
  • Bank – please choose this from the drop down menu (Irish Bank OR Revolut account)
  • Branch Number – this is the 6 digit Bank Sort Code which must be chosen from the drop down menu (if you are not aware of this please contact your bank, the branch number is usually digits 9 to 14 of your full 22 digit IBAN)
  • Bank Identifier Code (BIC) – you do not need to enter any details here the system will automatically generate the BIC code
  • Bank Account Type
  • Bank Account Number – you must enter your 22 character International Banking Account Number (IBAN) number which is available on your bank statement.

Once you have completed all the above details – then click “SUBMIT”.

The University cannot accept responsibility for incorrect information being submitted by an EFT applicant – please ensure that you submit the correct details in all sections as outlined above.

Refunds are processed twice monthly (requests received and approved by close of business on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month are processed thereafter within a 10 day timeframe).  If you submit incorrect bank details the University must wait for the bounce back from the Bank before any other EFT can be re-processed on your student fee account.

When the University has successfully processed your EFT and the file has been uploaded to the Bank - an email will be sent to your Maynooth University email account to confirm same.

If you have any queries / comments please forward same by email to OR book an online appointment OR call in person to the Fees & Grants Office where any member of staff will gladly assist you.

Please note that staff members cannot input bank details on behalf of any student, the sole responsibility lies with the recipient to input correct Irish Bank account details.  If you submit incorrect Irish Bank account details, your EFT will not process in full and will be rejected by the Bank.