SUSI Grants

Please note, ALL fee related queries should be discussed with the Fees & Grants Office to ensure you receive the correct information in the first inst pertaining to your own fee account.  SUSI file return and confirmation of registration queries should be directed to the Records & Registration Office.


  • SUSI Website - for information on a SUSI Grant for both Undergraduate & Postgraduate students, please refer to the SUSI website at


  • Confirmation of Registration to SUSI - please note that SUSI files are forwarded to both the University Records & Registration Office plust the Fees & Grants Office only on a weekly/fortnighly/monthly basis.  The Fees & Grants Office are responsible for administering the financial side, the Records & Registration Office are responsible for confirming registration status and for returning the files SUSI -  link here to the Records & Registration Office should you have any queries on file return


  • SUSI payment of fees to the University - We would advise all Undergraduate SUSI funded students to pay their Student Levy only in full to the University as part of the registration process. When SUSI have made a payment to the University on your behalf, you will automatically receive a refund of any overpayment which you may have made prior to receiving your SUSI approval OR you will receive an email from the Fees & Grants Office regarding on how to pay outstanding fee liability.  Refund details are available at


As part of the Budget 2023, Ministers Harris & Collins announced a cost-of-living package for students, which included an additional SUSI maintenance payment to those students entitled to same.  

We have been asked to bring the below to your attention, if you have any queries/questions on the additional SUSI maintenance payment, please direct your queries/questions to SUSI, visit for further information. 

Do I have to apply to get this additional payment?

  • If you have already applied for and been awarded a Student Maintenance Grant under the Student Grant Scheme, you do not need to make a further application

Does everyone on SUSI grants get this payment?

  • Everyone who has been awarded a SUSI maintenance Grant will receive this payment. This includes PLC, undergraduate and Postgraduate Students who are in receipt of the Special Rate of Grant.
  • Undergraduate Students who are in receipt of a fee only grant towards the cost of their Student Contribution and Postgraduate Students who are in receipt of a Postgraduate Fee Contribution grant towards the cost of their tuition fees are not included in this measure

When will I see this additional payment in my bank account? 

  • SUSI will begin working on these payments as quickly as possible so it is intended that students will see this additional payment in their Bank Accounts on December 16th.

I haven’t yet received confirmation from SUSI that I qualify for a grant, will I still get this grant payment?

  • If you are deemed eligible for a student maintenance grant even if you haven’t received confirmation from SUSI as of yet, you will still get this extra monthly payment.

I don’t get a student grant but I do get my student contribution paid for by SUSI, will I get any additional payment?

  • This payment is only for those students in receipt of a Student maintenance grant.

What is the effective date from when changes to SUSI scheme will be effective?

  • This additional maintenance grant payment will come into effect for students who are eligible for a maintenance grant for the 2022/23 Academic Year.


  • SUSI Maintenance Grants - queries regarding the payment dates for SUSI maintenance, should be directed to SUSI only at