SUSI Grants

Please note, ALL SUSI fee related queries should be discussed with the Fees & Grants Office to ensure you receive the correct information in the first inst, email =  SUSI file return and confirmation of registration queries should be directed to the Records & Registration Office, email =

  • 2024/25 Academic Year - The SUSI website is now opened for new & renewal applicants at   Priority closing dates for this year: Renewal applications = 6 June 2024;   New applications = 11 July 2024, applications received before these dates will receive priority assessment.  You can also use the SUSI Eligibiliy Reckoner where you can quickly and easily self-assess whether you may be eligible for a grant

A number of changes have been introduced for the 2024/25 Academic year, so it’s worth checking your eligibility. 

  1. The amount a student can earn outside term time has increased from €6,552 to €7,925.
  2. The income thresholds for the Band 4 Maintenance and the 100% Student Contribution grant have increased.
  3. Special Rate income threshold has increased to €26,200.
  4. Maintenance grants have been reintroduced for eligible postgraduate students.
  5. Maintenance grant rates have increased from January for eligible PLC, undergraduate and postgraduate students.  


  • Confirmation of Registration to SUSI - please note that SUSI files are forwarded to both the University Records & Registration Office plust the Fees & Grants Office only on a weekly/fortnighly/monthly basis.  The Fees & Grants Office are responsible for administering the financial side, the Records & Registration Office are responsible for confirming registration status and for returning the files SUSI -  link here to the Records & Registration Office should you have any queries on file return


  • SUSI payment of fees to the University - We would advise all Undergraduate SUSI funded students to pay their Student Levy only in full to the University as part of the registration process. When SUSI have made a payment to the University on your behalf, you will automatically receive a refund of any overpayment which you may have made prior to receiving your SUSI approval OR you will receive an email from the Fees & Grants Office regarding on how to pay outstanding fee liability.  Refund details are available at


  • Nationality Criteria The nationality criteria has been expanded to include applicants whose permission to reside in the State was granted in accordance with the International Protection Regularisation Scheme. 


  • SUSI Maintenance Grants - queries regarding the payment dates for SUSI maintenance, should be directed to SUSI only at