Book an Appointment:

Book an Appointment with a member of the Fees & Grants team - you have the option to book an online, telephone call or in-person appointment (In person appointments take place in the Fees & Grants Office, which is located in the Bursar's Office, Rye Extension, North Campus).  We also facilitate non-appointment queries but please be mindful that a scheduled appointment will be dealt with prior to a non-scheduled appointment.


Next Fees & Grants Webinar information and Q&A sessions are available on 26th January and 31st January, 2023.

Walk In Wednesday:

No appointment required to attend the Fees & Grants Office on a Wednesday, the Office is opened from 9.00am to 5.00pm.  The full F&G team will be present and available to discuss any concerns/issues you may have, please feel free to avail of this opportunity.  


The Fees & Grants team are available Monday to Friday, to provide guidance and advice, to answer any questions, queries or concerns specific to your fee account via email, to those listed below or an individual staff email address,  People page

  • General Queries -
  • Fee SUSI Queries -
  • Fee Refunds -
  • Fee Easy Payment - 
  • Fee Invoice -
  • Fee Receipts -
  • Fee Status Assessment -
  • PG Fee Submittal approval -


We can be contacted daily via our live ASK webchat forum, please see the link on the bottom right of this page.

Online Forms:

We have numerous Fees & Grants online forms available here which you can submit for processing or assessment for the current Academic year.

Postal Address:

Fees and Grants Office,
Bursar's Office, Rye Extension,
North Campus, Maynooth University,
Co Kildare,