Online Events

Mussi has always been well known since its establishment for its variety of events attracting sought after speakers, and wide audiences. Through Covid-19 with the change of work practices we have adapted our events to online events and have kept up high standard and variety - albeit without the on campus catering!!

If you would like to collaborate with MUSSI for an online event in a relevant subject area, please contact us at

Below you will find a list of these events by month the section they are stored in is indicated in brackets.
*The views expressed in these recordings are those of the speakers alone. If you require to use any of the information in these recordings please contact

2021 Events


  • Dr Garret FitzGerald Memorial Lecture 2020/21 (MUSSI)



  • The Annual Emre Işık Memorial Lecture - Ghosts of our lives: Watching Derry Girls With Mark Fisher (Sociology)
  • Leaving no one behind in a Pandemic Recovery Enabling Employment Services through Governance, Collaboration and Co-Production (ACA PES)
  • Planning the 20/15/10 Minute Place – Rethinking Connectivity (ICLRD)
  • TechSoc Tues talk - Horizon Europe- Tues 25th at 13.00 (MUSSI)
  • President Higgins hosts third “Machnamh 100” seminar with Prof Linda Connolly (MUSSI)

  • Planning for Rural Regeneration Post-COVID 19 ICLRD Webinar June 16th 2021 (ICLRD)
  • Whats the Story? Narrative in youth work and youth studies (Whats the Story)

  • Planning for Thriving Cities: perspectives in, and on, Ireland (ICLRD)

  • Investigating the Changing Spatial Relationships between Home and Workplace (ICLRD)

  • Kildare women in the food and climate crisis: Historical and contemporary provocations and actions (MUSSI)
  • Has Ireland Failed the Covid-19 Test? - with Prof Mark Boyle (MUSSI)
  • STOPFARRIGHT Seminar Series 1: Misinformation and the Far-Right (Sociology)

2020 Events


  • The ‘High Road’ Back to Work (ACA PES)
  • COVID-19 and Contact Tracing Apps - What Should Ireland Do? (MUSSI)

  • Sustainable Finance Lunchtime Webinar (MUSSI)
  • Digitalisation in Public Employment and Guidance Services How apps and algorithms are changing the face of welfare delivery (ACA PES)

  • Building a Responsive and Resilient City in Post Crisis (AISCF)
  • Back to the Future? European Progressions and Retrogressions (Sociology)

  • Smart Tourism (AISCF)

  • Social Challenges in the Design of Technology - TechSoc Seminar Series (MUSSI)
  • Launch of 'Women and the Irish Revolution' edited by Linda Connolly (MUSSI)