First Technology & Society Research Group Meeting of the semester

Monday, November 4, 2019 - 13:30 to 14:15
MUSSI Seminar Room 2nd Floor Iontas Building

The first Technology & Society Research Group Meeting of the semester next Monday (November 4th) from 1pm to 2.15pm in the MUSSI Seminar Room (2nd Floor Iontas Building).  Tea and coffee will be available from 1pm. 
Dr Clare Thornley will present on ‘Ethics and the ICT Profession’.
This talk will discuss the process and finding arising from a long  term engagement between IVI and the European Commission around ICT professionalism and ethics as part of the Digital Europe Strategy.
Topics will include: engaging with stakeholders; the role of theoretical models; connecting professional identity and ethics; developing useable guidelines and tools for professionals.
Dr. Shane McLoughlin’s presentation is titled ‘How can the mobility lives of European older adults inform future Cyber Physical Systems?: Initial findings and reflection’.
This talk will discuss initial findings arising from a research collaboration between TAG (Technology Adoption Group) at MU and Intel Corp, which seeks to understand the potential future impact, adoption, experience and value networks of autonomous vehicles for older adults (65+).  This grounded study (conducted in 4 spatial regions across Ireland, UK, Germany and Italy) captured key aspects of older adult’s current practices, experiences and perceptions in relation to their mobility lives. In this session, the key emerging themes of trust, human agency and control will be reflected on in relation to developing theory for the design and adoption of emerging cyber physical systems (CBS).