Current PhD Students

A PhD is the most advanced degree awarded by the University. It is an enormously fulfilling, engaging, and challenging programme. Those who complete it earn the use of the designation Doctor as a mark of accomplishment, but, much more importantly, they develop their intellectual capacity to examine the world around them at the most advanced level. Many who complete the process describe it as a life-changing experience which opens up their minds and their opportunities in ways they had never considered. 

The School of Business offers a structured PhD programme that facilitates independent research on topics supported by an advisor with compatible expertise.  PhD students are an important part of our scholarly community, actively engaged in our intellectual conversations, contributing to our teaching efforts, and providing services to the college, university and community. Current School of Business PhD students are carrying out research  on a wide range of socially and organisationally relevant subjects as illustrated by the profiles below.

See our website for details on the application process and admission criteria for the School of Business.