Researcher Directory

Prof Karen English Professor Biology, Human Health Institute
Dr Emmanuel Eresanya Post-Doctoral Researcher Geography, ICARUS
Dr Andrei Ermakov Electronic Engineering
Dr Abeer Eshra Postdoctoral Researcher Hamilton Institute
Dr Constantine Evans Research Fellow Hamilton Institute
Dr Paul Fagan Postdoctoral Researcher English
Prof Honor Fagan Sociology, Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI)
Dr Laura Fahey Post Doc Biology
Dr Edel Fahy Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education
Dr Amy Fahy Lecturer School of Business
Dr Alexander Farnell Economics
Prof Ronan Farrell Vice President Academic and Registrar Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Science & Engineering, Hamilton Institute, Radiospace, Registry, Registrar's Office
Prof Rowan Fealy Professor Geography, ICARUS, Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI), National Centre for Geocomputation (NCG)
Prof Delia Ferri Professor of Law Law, Centre for European and Eurasian Studies, ALL Institute
Rory Finegan Lecturer/Assistant Professor History
Dr Philip Finn Post-doc Law