Researcher Directory

Dr Amos Edelheit Lecturer Philosophy
Dr Abdullahi El-Tom Senior Lecturer Anthropology, National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA)
Dr Robert Elmes Chemistry, Human Health Institute
Dr Karen English Biology, Human Health Institute
Dr Colmán Etchingham Lecturer History
Dr Elisa Fadda Chemistry, Hamilton Institute, Human Health Institute
Prof Honor Fagan Sociology, National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA), Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI)
Dr Arman Farhang Lecturer Electronic Engineering
Prof Ronan Farrell Professor Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Science & Engineering, Hamilton Institute, Radiospace
Dr Rowan Fealy Senior Lecturer Geography, ICARUS
Dr Delia Ferri Lecturer Law, Centre for European and Eurasian Studies, ALL Institute
Josephine Finn Lecturer Adult and Community Education, ALL Institute
Dr Fergal Finnegan Lecturer Adult and Community Education
Dr Niall Finnerty Chemistry
Dr Anne Fitzgerald International Development
Dr Alison FitzGerald Lecturer History