"Women are not all the same!" How Gender & Class Intersect to Affect Social Mobility

Monday, October 24, 2022 - 10:00 to 11:30
MUSSI Seminar Room 2.31, 2nd Floor, Iontas Building

This event will discuss the challenges faced by women from working-class communities in trying to navigate hard-to-reach places in society. The event will be in the style of a 'conversation with a panel', we will discuss the experiences of 4 women who are from diverse backgrounds and their vision for changing the workforce of the future. The four panel members are women from working-class backgrounds who are in leadership positions across higher education, post-primary education, and in STEM industry

  • Dr Jo-Hanna Ivers (TCD)
  • Michelle O'Kelly (Principal Mercy Inchicore)
  • Eimear Michaels (Oprations Manager Microsoft Ireland) 
  • Dr Andrea Johnson Chair of Women in Technology & Science)

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