Sounding the Feminists Symposium on Friday 23 November

Joanne Cusak (Fair Plé), Laura Watson (Sounding the Feminists), Sinéad Furlong (Mnásome) and Rossella Bottone (Girls Rock Dublin) who will take part in the symposium on women in Irish music at DkIT.
Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 11:30

Dr Laura Watson is one of the organisers of a symposium taking place this Friday 23 November. Hosted by the Department of Creative Arts, Media & Music at Dundalk Institute of Technology, in association with Sounding the Feminists and the Centre for Creative Arts Research, this event focuses on women in Irish popular and traditional music. It brings together scholars and community activists striving to address gender imbalance in the music industry and academia, and features a keynote address from Dr Aileen Dillane. All are welcome to attend. More information available HERE.