Restorative justice dataset for 2023 published

Wednesday, June 19, 2024 - 09:30

In June, Dr. Ian Marder (Assistant Professor in Criminology, Maynooth University School of Law and Criminology) published a new dataset on the use of restorative justice in Ireland in 2023.
Representing the fifth year that these data were collected and published, the dataset, available in full on, estimates the total caseload of restorative justice providers (excluding youth restorative cautions) in criminal justice settings in the 2023 calendar year. This includes cases referred to and completed by five organisations: Cornmarket Project, Le Chéile, the Probation Service, Restorative Justice in the Community and Restorative Justice Services.
The dataset shows that restorative justice caseloads remain well below pre-pandemic levels, and that restorative justice continues to play only a marginal role in criminal justice in Ireland. However, Q1 2024 figures, alongside new investments in service provision, suggest that 2024 may see an uptick in referrals.
Since its publication, this research has been reported widely in the media, including in the Irish Independent, The Journal, Irish Legal News and Radio Kerry. The research findings were also the subject of press releases by the Irish Penal Reform Trust and by Pa Daly TD.
You can read an analysis of the research findings here, and view the full dataset here. We thank the managers, practitioners and administrators from the organisations who helped collate these data. Ian has published a longer analysis of the equivalent figures from 2019 in the International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice. You can download that article freely here.
Separately, Ian is delivering a webinar with the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland on July 18 (15:30-17:00) on the topic of restorative policing in Ireland. You can register for this here.